Temple Of Praise Community Church        
1900 Amarillo Blvd, West
Amarillo, Texas 79107

Youth Department Vision
Elder Isaac Butler, Youth Pastor
My vision for the Temple of Praise Youth Department, is to produce a ministry of young warriors, with the help of God,
that are informed, equipped, and well prepared.  Our goal is to infiltrate the world with the influence of God by going
outside the four walls of a church building, and putting ministry in action through secular avenues, such as music, social
media, attire, film, and so much more.  My purpose in life is helping others find their purpose.  The way of finding
purpose is by going to the manufacturer of a product.  God is our manufacturer, so I dedicate my life in prayer and the
study of God’s Word.  As he directs me, I will be able to direct others.
To keep up with our Youth Pastor and events for our youth, feel free to check out
Youth Pastor Elder Isaac & Tierra Butler