Temple Of  Praise Community Church
1900 Amarillo Blvd, West
Amarillo, Tx 79107
Music Ministries
Stephanie O. Michael
( Praise & Worship Leader )
As the Praise and Worship Leader of the Temple of Praise
Community Church, my vision is to bring the body of
Christ into clear understanding of true Praise and Worship.

1. Thanksgiving----Relates to his goodness.

2. Praise----Relates to his greatness.

3. Worship----Relates to his holiness as God.

It is my endeavor to teach the body of Christ that we must
Praise and Worship with the right attitude, and in doing so
there are benefits that the word has promised.

1. Praise and Worship will silence the enemy.

2. It releases blessings.

3. And brings healing and restoration ( physically and
spiritually ).