Temple Of Praise Community Church
1900 Amarillo Blvd, West
Amarillo, Tx 79107
Brief History
The Temple of Praise actually started September 28, 1977 when my dad Bishop Stacey
was led by God to move from Denver, Colorado to Amarillo, Texas, to pastor the
church now known as Temple of Praise Community Church. The membership at that
time consisted of our family: daddy, mom, myself, Dooley, Stephanie and the family dog
(Socrates). Knowing that God had called my dad, he was persistent, prayerful and
constantly seeking direction from God. A year later the congregation gained a new
member, Sister Erma Briscoe, affectionately known as ''one of the founding mothers.'

As we started our journey, the Lord began to add to the church and in 1982 God sent
Elder John (Chris) Brown, whom later became our Assistant Pastor. Along with Elder
Brown came Herbert and Merline Brown, the Meander Family, the Price Family and
many others. As the church grew there was a need for church expansion and it was
during these times that our First Lady Stacey began to think within herself, I would love
for the church to be located on Amarillo Boulevard, and at that time there was an old
house that sat on the property where Sister Stacey envisioned the Temple of Praise.

The thought of replacing the old church became a pressing issue, so we decided to tear
that building down in 1987; we replaced it with another. We were satisfied for a while,
but yet and still the desire for Amarillo Boulevard was in the First Lady's heart. Then one
day the Lord allowed Elder Stacey III to come in contact with some brothers affiliated
with Promise Keepers and they told us that we had a good work but needed a God-work
and that God desired better for us. We thought about adding on the existing church but
with the amount of land we had we were limited for expansion and decided to start
looking toward other venues. We looked at various churches and locations to no avail.
There was one church that geared some thought that would be a good investment but
some of the ladies were not in agreement with it and Bishop Stacey said 'They don't like
the church because Sister Stacey doesn't like it. He was right.

After much fasting and prayer God heard Sister Stacey's request and in 1999 the church
made a down payment on the land. Our treasurer was Sister Debra Walker and she
began to make payments toward the land so fast that it was paid off before anyone had
known it. After the land was paid we had a debt-releasing ceremony where the debt
document was cut into pieces while we gave God the glory !! Next came the decision;
what type of building to put on the property. Bishop Worley of Denver, Colorado had
told Bishop Stacey of a brochure he had seen that advertised metal buildings. We looked
at several different sizes and decided to go with 200' x 60'. We wanted to give God
something large that he could fill! So the foundation was poured, the building was
erected and the walls began to go up.

There's an old saying that says ''Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get

Proverbs 16:13 says, Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be
established. So for the next 3 1/2 years Elder Brown (our general contractor), Elder
Stacey, CC Brown and Isaac Butler began the work of sheet rocking and carpentry.
During this tenure we encountered Sanballat and Tobias spirits (which would come to
discourage) but we were determined like Nehemiah... we are doing a good work and
will refuse to come down! We give the devil no glory, but there were times when our
faith was put to the test but we made it.

Bishop Stacey, while not able to help physically, remained faithful in prayer. During his
prayer time God told him that the funds would never run dry. Sister Stacey said there
were times when it was pretty damp, but thanks be to God, whom always causes us to
triumph. And now...here it is 29 years later after many struggles and sleepless nights,
God has answered your prayer Sister Stacey because he who promises Is faithful to
keep that which he has committed!!!

Written by Sister Dede Brown                                               
2nd Chronicles 7:1
( And the Glory of the Lord Filled the House )
Psalms 127:1
Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain
that build it: except Lord keep the city, the
watchman waketh but in vain