Assistant Pastor: Elder Horace Stacey III & Ravonette Stacey
Department of Mens Ministry
The vision I have for the men's ministry At The Top is to see more families come into the body of Christ.
Families are important in the church and is what make up the church. I believe the best way to reach
families is through the men. A lot of the times if the man of the house goes to church, usually the whole
family goes. Discipleship, men groups, and dealing with men issues will be the focus.

Our goal is to build a dynamic, multi-cultural church in accordance with the
Apostles' Doctrine. Our focus is on healing and repairing lives---then training
and equipping them for their calling in ministry.

We will celebrate God's presence through PRAISE & WORSHIP, incorporate
God's family through FELLOWSHIP, educate God's people through
DISCIPLESHIP, and demonstrate God's love through MINISTRY.
Temple Of Praise Community Church        
1900 Amarillo Blvd, West
Amarillo, Texas 79107